Working as Head Designer at Bloomia, I became an Art Director as well as a part-time florist. From flower arrangements to pop-up experiences, Bloomia was a great playground to develop a brand identity with a colourful, and full of life imagery.

Bloomia - Branding & identity | photo production & retouching | product development | flower arrangements | web design

Field of Tulips | Bloomia MarketBranding & identity | pattern design | space design | concept development | logo design | packaging 

Bloomia - Merchandising | editorial design | custom stationery

Illustration & painting

Experimenting with mixed media, shapes and colors, drawing became an important part of my everyday life as a designer. I incorporate this skills for clients when developing iconography, custom logos, patterns or content for animations.

Illustration - Hand-drawn digital

Bloomia - Flat illustration | flowers care tips | character development: Bulby | Halloween  | Thanksgiving

Prosecución - Co-director | illustration

Painting - Spray paint | paint markers | pastels


Communication and synergy with other artists and creatives nurtures me and opens a new world. The work with musicians unveils different senses and languages resulting in interesting collaborations animated or printed.

Somos dos | Niños del Parque - Co-director | art | illustration

Niños del Parque - Branding | illustration  | real time visual performances | booklet design | video production

Patanes - Branding | illustration | booklet design

Buffet Lovers - Illustration